I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai Syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Farewell Room 13 2012

Fearwell Room 13 2012

When I first came to  Tawa Intermediate I didn't know anyone.  As the term and the year went past and closer to Christmas I remembered our year either the good or the bad memories.  As the days go past one by one room thirteen has grown closer and closer and people have class mates.  Ms Tito was new here at tawa Intermediate and so was I.  I learnt a lot because of her I will miss Miss T as we normally call her.

Pouakai syndicate was training for the cross country for weeks.  And then the day was here.  Sitting in the hall all of tawa intermediate. My heart was pumping my pulse was thumping i was running out of energy already. Then the year 7's got called up to start the Cross country. I was running and running and running pushing my self to the limit until I got to the finish and then I was finished I came 26 I was so proud of my self I couldn't breathe.

The day of the fun run.  We got to school and we did the morning role then we got dressed for the fun run we had to get dressed into a famous sports person.  I dressed up in my Netball uniform as a famous netball player.  I ran 9 laps around 2 fields.

I didn't like ball rush because once you're  out you're out and anyway I was just getting the hang of it.  Fale Fale is a Samoan game and Fale Fale stands was the name given to the game, bingo.  I didn't like it because it was really hard to remember the numbers without seeing them but the good thing was I at least got some numbers.

But the thing I'll miss most is Miss T and the year 8's missing there funny jokes and just being there friends and just having someone to look up top.  But I'm really nervous because there will be new people and a new teacher.  I won't have my year 8 friends to encourage me to do stuff I hadn't done before.  Yes, this is a year that I will remember.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Hockey Goal.

On our last day of the Wairapa Tournament we had two more games to play before we could all go back home to our families. The first game we played our hardest defence. Then the whistle blew ''BEEEP'' then the game was over. We won 2-0 to the Wairapa Dresses.

Memory our coach for the Northern Night Owls. Our team had a team talk after we lost a game that we just played. We had a drink and just chilling under the shade. We had to drink lots of water because it was hot and stuffy. There are two fields. Field one is a water turf and turf two is a sand turf. It was half time in a another game we weren't playing and we were playing a game after that. We were warming up so we were already to play after that. It was 1:00.

The whistle blew ''BEEEP'' the game was over and we started to come on we went straight to our positions. Northern Nutcrackers started to come onto the field and the whistle blew ''BEEEP''!!!!. Our captain Emily won the coin toss so we started with the ball. ''BEEEP''!!!! the whistle blew and it was half time it was still 0-0 Memory our coach said '' Its like watching ping pong we have to stop that'' Memory said. 

 Then the whistle blew ''BEEEP'' we were excited we were pumped to win this. We had the ball we toke the ball down the field we shot but we mist but when the goalie stopped the ball it got stuck under her foot so that means penalty corner. Destiny our sweeper that pushes the ball to the striker Phoenix. Phoenix shot but missed but i was there to get the rebounded and i took a shot and i got it I really got it everyone screamed and then the whistle blew ''YAHHH''!!!!! we won the game.

It was my first goal ever I was so happy everyone was giving me a high five when I went off because the game ended. My dad gave me a high five and hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe, just joking, My dad was so happy, on the way home he bought us a nice homemade strawberry ice cream.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Water pollution Sustainability Movie

The outlook for someday is a sustainability movie competition for anyone up to the age of 24. Ruby, Arielle, Lily, Renee and me (as well as the rest of the class) wanted to make movies for the competition and so we did. We made our movie about Water Pollution and how much rubbish actually goes in the water. It's about 1 fish that is a fish reporter in the sea that interviews local fish. And there is 2 reporters but I am the main reporter. We come up with the idea when we put all our ideas together and some we didn't put in there. Then we did the storyboard to go with the ideas and how the movie is going to go. Then the next day we started to film and we had to practise our lines and that only took 5 minutes. We got 1st block and morning tea to finish filming and so we did. We finished it with only minutes to go. We were the 1st ones to start editing and the 1st ones to finish. We really enjoyed making the movie and fingers crossed we win a prize or someone elses group does.

How we could make it better.

Paint the fish actually the same couler's. We could make sure Arielle's hair is not showing In the movie. We could start the movie earlier so we could do scenes over and over again to make them more Exciting and Interesting.

But really we didn't have to change a thing because we thought It was perfect the way It was.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Northen rep hockey

                                                      Northen rep hockey

This Friday I am going to Masterton for the weekend.  I am going up there for northen  hockey rep team.It is a hole weekend tournement for all the rep teams out there.  There are two teams for wellington and they are the Northen Nutcrackers and Northen Nightowls.  I am In the Northen Nightowls.

We are going up there on friday.Our first game is on friday and our second game is on saturday and so is our third game.Its going to be a hard and tireing weekend for me.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

3,2,1 fun-me too

+Lilis grandpa and grandma came to live with Lili and her family.

+They grandpa grandma couldnt speak english so Lili and her mum tryied to teach them some english.

+Grandpa and grandma came to school on friday afternoon and he sat down and opened his case and got out a Eru and played a chinese song to the class.

     2 ways it relates to the story/article

+Teaching the litle kids a new instument from a different culture.

+Learning things each day a learning different things that they learnt when they were younger.

     Light bulb moment

+I learnt what a Eru is and it has 2 strings to play onit and making a sound and itis from china.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Did you know Ki o Rahi?

Did you know.............
Ki o rahi started in world war 1 and has cared on even know its still careing on right know this second this hour and this day.  Maori taught Italy and France how to play Ki o rahi juring would war II.  And maori taught 7 million tamariki [children] were taught Ki o rahi and 3100 shcools were taught.  There are two teams called Taniwha and Kioma.  And the taniwha people try to get points and by touching the pou.  pou are poles that you touch to get 1 point then you go into the middle to get a point for you're team and kioma trys to throw the ball at the tupu.  Tupu is the big barrel but plastic and hard and soft and light.  So the kioma trys to hit it and if they hit it they get a point.

DodgeBall Finals.

Dodgeball finals was so tence there were people saying ''were not going to win and people saying we are going to win''.  I had butterflies in my tummy and so did most ove our class.  Then the whistle went for room 15 and room 10 and everybody went silent and then the whistle blowed for the game to start and every body was screaming for room 10 but Pouakai was chearing for room 15.  Some classes were watching the finals and semi finals.  Our class was versing room 14 It was bad luck versing room 14 but it was all right cause thats the futherist we've got in the inter class compitition it was so cool going into the semi finals.  Room 15 lost to room 10 sadly and we lost to room 14 and then room 14 were versing room 10 but room 14 won the dodgeball compition overall.At least pouakai still came first.